Great teams move mountains!

Excelling for more than 25 years at building engaged teams that get results, we will work with your group to improve the way it functions and performs as a team.  Our customized programs combine fun with purpose to improve team dynamics, engagement, decision-making, and the overall performance of your group.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom!

You've probably gotten used to virtual meetings and gatherings of all kinds over the past couple of years. And isn't it wonderful to have so many tools available to make those meetings interactive and engaging?

At Develop Your Team, we've taken our workshops and team development programs virtual! And just like our in-person programs, participant interaction and opportunities to apply learning are essential components in all of our virtual programs.

Need help facilitating meetings that are productive and engaging? We can help with that, too!

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Building a Winning Team Culture

Building a Winning Team Culture

What are some of the things that make a company a great place to work?

  • clear vision and purpose
  • trust is critical
  • employees are people first, workers second
  • transparency about how each role contributes to achievement of organizational goals
  • strong interpersonal relationships
  • resources and opportunities for development
  • fun - spontaneous or planned

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Team Development

A key to peak team performance is the way members of a group interact with one another.

  • Is the atmosphere collaborative or competitive?
  • Are relationships challenged because of geographic distribution?
  • Do team members freely express ideas and share information?
  • Do leaders hear about problems as well as successes?
  • Does the group accomplish tasks quickly, or do projects drag on?


Learn more about our Team Development programs:


Team Development


We offer classes and workshops designed to build team members' skills and capabilities. Some examples include:

We recognize that every individual is unique, as is every group.  Custom training programs can be developed and tailored to meet your specific needs.


Learn more about our classes and workshops:


Classes & Workshops

Why team development?

Highly- functional teams exhibit:

  • increased engagement
    • lower turnover and absenteeism
    • improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • less interpersonal conflict
    • fewer resources expended on resolving human resources issues
  • improved problem-solving
    • problems identified earlier
    • quicker and more effective problem-resolution
  • smoother change implementation
    • more effective team planning
    • better communication at all levels
    • new practices adopted more quickly and consistently
Building relationships

Our programs increase speed to mastery by focusing on the participant's needs from the earliest stages of design through final implementation and delivery.  We emphasize learning transfer, so that new skills can be applied immediately in a real-world environment. Classes and workshops address multiple learning styles and allow for the practical application of new skills and concepts.

Success in today’s world demands effective teamwork, supported by innovative and collaborative leadership. In an environment where individuals trust, respect, and support one another, there is no limit to what people can accomplish.

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